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Marketplace Review Rebate Offer

Updated: December 25, 2020 2:31:50 • By Natasha L. • 385 words

As part of our commitment to excellence in our work, all Lupinia Studios brands and products that are listed on the SL Marketplace offer a 10% rebate on the purchase price for any review posted by customers on our product listings, regardless of rating or review content, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Eligible reviews must fully comply with the SL Marketplace Terms of Service.
  2. Eligible reviews must be a Review on the Marketplace product listing; comments on other users' reviews and blog posts/comments on other websites do not qualify for a review rebate.
  3. Review rating and content are irrelevant on any review that meets the above-listed eligibility requirements; negative/1-star reviews will receive the same rebate as positive/5-star reviews. All feedback is encouraged.
  4. Reviews may be left by the person who received the item, which is a technical restriction on the Marketplace; if someone sends you an item as a gift, you may review it even if you weren't the person who bought it. The rebate will be sent to the person who received the item and writes the review, even if the item was purchased by someone else as a gift.
  5. This policy applies retroactively to all Marketplace purchases prior to its implementation in November 2019, and if this policy is ever discontinued in the future, it will continue to apply to purchases made prior to the policy end date, regardless of when the review is actually written.
  6. This policy applies to all Marketplace listings for all Lupinia Studios brands and stores listed under the username Natasha Petrichor, including (but not limited to) Lupinia Studios, Flawless Flags, Lupinia Motor Company, and Frolicking Deer Cay.
  7. Review rebates are processed and paid manually, and every attempt will be made to send payment within 30 days of posting the review, to the best of our abilities. If payment is not received after 30 days, contact Natasha Petrichor (or an alternative customer support contact, if listed in Natasha's profile) to verify the status of your rebate.

We appreciate your business, and we welcome and encourage all feedback. And, as always, if you encounter issues with one of our products, or if you need assistance in some way, please send us an email or contact Natasha Petrichor directly. Thank you for supporting our work!