I've been an avid photographer since Christmas 2006, when I received my first real digital camera as a gift. I instantly jumped into the hobby, eager to expand my skills, and since then, I've taken quite a few photos I'm proud of.

In September 2011, I upgraded to a professional-grade digital SLR camera, and found myself no longer limited by my equipment. It's done wonders for encouraging my creativity, and I always look for something new I can do with it.

Like most artists, I tend to personally favor my most recent work, so it's the most prominent in this section of the site. However, I'm also a committed archivist, and I do see value in my own past work, so I generally keep my older work available in some capacity. As a result, this section of the site contains thousands of photos, and I invite you to explore. I hope you find something you like!


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