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Technical Info and Credits

Updated: February 11, 2022 16:49:17 • By Natasha L. • 572 words
DeerBots powered by Corrade
Built with Django, the framework for magical ponies!

Site developed entirely by Natasha L., in Python, using the Django framework. Code available on GitHub: https://github.com/lupinia/awi

The Showcase layout, designed by Natasha L., is built to W3C standards for HTML 5, CSS, and accessibility, and is designed to function smoothly in all standards-compliant browsers.

The PDF/DVI/PostScript download generator for CMS articles is built with LaTeX. The libraries and compiler tools used to create the documents are part of TeX Live and/or Rubber, distributed under a variety of free software licenses. The Python scripts and LaTeX source code used to automate the process were written entirely by Natasha L..

The DeerBots scripted agent ("bot") system for Second Life is built with Corrade by Wizardry and Steamworks, and incorporates natural language processing using Amazon Lex. The Python code and LSL scripts used to integrate these systems with this website were written entirely by Natasha L.

Site components, modules, apps, and libraries not developed by Natasha L., other than Django itself, include:

  • BeautifulSoup - A Python library for parsing and manipulating HTML.
  • Django Admin Tools - Improvements to the Django administrative dashboard.
  • Django Cookielaw - Easy tool for compliance with EU cookie law.
  • Django Debug Toolbar - Profiling and debugging tools for Django. (Dev only)
  • Django Haystack - Powerful tool for integrating search indexing servers into Django.
  • Django Honeypot - Provides tools to reduce automated form spam.
  • Django-MPTT - Modified Preorder Tree Traversal support for Django data models.
  • Django-MPTT Admin - Enhanced administration interface for models using django-mptt.
  • Django Static Precompiler - Server-side compilation of CSS from SCSS.
  • Django S3 Folder Storage - Extension for Django Storages to allow more organization within Amazon S3 buckets.
  • ExifTool - Advanced metadata read/write tool.
  • Highlight.js - Syntax highlighting for code displayed in HTML content.
  • HTML2Text - Library for converting HTML to Markdown.
  • JustifiedGallery - JQuery plugin for displaying a justified grid of mixed-width thumbnails.
  • MapBox - Map data.
  • Pillow - Upgraded fork of PIL (Python Imaging Library).
  • Psycopg2 - PostgreSQL interface for Python applications.
  • PyExifTool - Python wrapper for ExifTool.
  • Rubber - Utility for building documents from LaTeX source more easily.
  • SassC - Library for processing CSS from SCSS.
  • uWSGI - Application server for Python software.